Fuck Who is James Donald?



The Vikings (1958)

I hope these Japanese appreciate what we're doing for them.

For the moment, I'm not concerned with their appreciation.
Good night.   

By the way, sir,
I meant to tell you...
there are trees in this forest very similar to elm.

The elm piles of London Bridge lasted years.

Six hundred years?

Yes, sir.

That would be something.
Apr 7
Apr 5
Apr 3

There’s a mountain over there called “Masada”? 


It was the last stronghold of our revolt against the Romans.

I know. And they had an adviser, too. 

After they held out for three years he advised them to give up.  

They didn’t have a chance, so 960 of them committed suicide on top of that mountain. 

That’s right. 

And you guys are proud of it?
- Of course!

What do you want? An eloquent philosophical speech and then you all go and cut your throats? 

David, attack!